LearnPlant is an online language learning platform founded by Sherebanu to meet the increasing demand for learning languages. Learn French with Shere is the first product of LearnPlant where Shere teaches the language directly to her students face to face online.

Sherebanu is a professional teacher with years of experience in teaching French round the world and has tutored over a thousand students online. Her teaching methodology is based on your needs, goals and objectives for learning. Lessons with her are fun and efficient as she brings about cultural contexts throughout your learning journey. You are guaranteed to speak French like a native if you put enough effort on your side.

Courses are in form of bundled lessons known as packages which are: seed (10 lessons) €23 per lesson, sprout (20 lessons) €22.5 per lesson, sapling (30 lessons) €22 per lesson and tree (40 lessons) €21 per lesson.

Learning is purely online via inbuilt video conferencing feature in the website where you will learn one-to-one with Shere after booking your class.

It is highly recommend using the following browsers with the website:

  • Chrome (preferable)
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Cancellation policy requires a student to send a notification for missing the class 2 hours before the lesson start time. You can however contact the tutor directly at shere@learnplant.com and she may make an exception and reschedule the class incase the time period for cancellation has expired. If this is not achieved, your lesson shall be deducted from your package credit.

Check How it works page to get the information from how to register to taking your first lesson. You will also get to know how to book, cancel, reschedule and how package credits works.

Payment is safe and secure once you have registered and selected your preferred package. You can pay via PayPal or via debit/credit card.

Lessons are 45 minutes long but the tutor may choose to extend if she feels there is a need to or upon the student’s request.

Kindly share your experience or report any issues by writing to admin@learnplant.com. You will receive immediate response and advise on the particular issue.

The platform currently is strictly for French language learning (Learn French With Shere) where it does not sell ads or offer a platform for advertisements of other goods and services.