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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in closure of schools across the globe and it is estimated over a billion children are out of the classroom. This has led to a rise in demand for E-Learning and thus it is preferably and an inevitable means to conduct education in these difficult times. However, it would be a shame to think learning online is only beneficial or it comes handy in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. There are a ton of benefits associated with taking or conducting learning sessions over the internet.

This article shall highlight some of the reasons for opting to take classes online as an individual or for an organization to go with an online training strategy for its’ staff.

Improved Learning Efficiency

Recently carried out researches indicate online learning increases retention of information and learners take less time to learn new concepts in lesser time compared to traditional modes of learning. Attractive images, interactive videos, fonts and more increase learners’ information retention. Online classes provide self paced learning which result to better comprehension in learners who probably take more time in grasping new concepts.

Mobility, Flexibility and Ease of Access

With the current advancements in technology, learning platforms are configured for all types of devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptop computers of all sizes. Learning is not restricted to Desktop Computers that would need you to be in a static environment. This means you can even study while travelling. The internet being the only requirement for delivery of your online learning content, it ensures courses do not take your free time or rob you off your weekends as it has proved it is time consuming and tiring to get to training centers after your daily activities that sometimes consume most of your day/night time. Courses materials such as digital notes, eBooks, videos and more can be easily accessed by just a click of a button and can be replayed or read countless times. Instant access to all these results to better and faster learning.


Online courses have proved to be very cost effective. Digital notes, eBooks and other learning materials are way cheaper compared to those in traditional training courses. Commuting to training centers costs have been significantly cut by learning online where you can take your classes anywhere and anytime . Certificates are obtained online and can be referenced on Job Seeking Platforms and Social Media.

Environmental Benefits

According to research, Almost half a billion of cartridges find their way to landfills every year as a result of printing. Traditional learning modes involves heavy printing in contrast to online learning which offers reusable materials available electronically. Learning online therefore leads to environmental conservation. Going to training centers involves transportation as an individual or a company that conducts off site training for their employees. Currently the most common means of transport involves using gas which has a direct negative impact to the environment. Over five hundred gallons of gas are used annually in the US alone which translates to a lot of expenses and Carbon Dioxide emissions to the atmosphere which is very harmful.

The World Counts reports that paper accounts for over a quarter of the waste in the landfills. A staggering 60% of paper waste in America is from educational institutes. This clearly indicates a shocking damage to the environment. Rubbing salt into the wound, paper manufacturing plants are guzzlers of fossil fuels which again are top emitters of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Considering the aforementioned factors, it it evident online learning clearly leads to a better impact to our environment.

Other benefits associated with online learning include; energy conservation, community and comfort.

This is why LearnPlant has not only provided an interactive online languages learning platform but has took initiative of participating in planting trees on behalf of learners who take their Online Language Courses on the platform.

Take your language lessons online at LearnPlant and preserve the environment by planting trees. Start your free trial today.

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