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LearnPlant is a complete Online Language Learning Platform where you learn a language One-to-One with a personal teacher, an experienced and qualified speaker of the language you wish to learn. Knowing multiple languages would not only enable you to achieve your personal goals but would also bring many cognitive benefits such as improved memory, multi-tasking abilities, enhanced concentration, and better problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills.

While online learning has proved very efficient in contrast to traditional learning approaches, here are the reasons why you should choose LearnPlant to deliver excellent services for your journey in learning that new language.

1. Fully Integrated Learning Platform

All learning activities and services are integrated in the platform. Once signed up, a learner is able to get assessment, access learning materials, schedule or re-schedule lessons, and get live lessons directly on the platform. There are no redirects to other websites nor links to other video chat applications for lessons. At LearnPlant, learning is flexible, smooth and user friendly.

2. Environmental Conservation

Learning at LearnPlant gives you a chance to cut your carbon footprint by planting trees at no added cost. It is undeniable that traditional learning processes involves a lot of paper usage which directly involves cutting down trees which translates to environmental degradation. LearnPlant cares about the environment, its digital green initiative not only makes learning green but the practical aspect of contributing to the environment is also embraced. Students will plant trees for the environment during their learning period. The plantation is done through different environmental foundations to reduce your ecological footprint as a positive gesture. This is done at no added or hidden costs.

3. One-to-One lessons with an experienced personal tutor

Your language lessons will be conducted by a very qualified and experienced teacher selected by yourself from a list of available teachers. Learning sessions shall be live and face-to-face ensuring maximum retention of information passed to the learner. The teacher shall also help student practice and access high quality extra learning materials.

4. Custom Tailored Courses

Courses are tailored as per your needs for a one to one class with your personal tutor. Here you can learn the languages offered for professional or personal requirements with flexible hours and simultaneously reduce your ecological footprint. Different learners have different goals. LearnPlant understands this and takes into consideration what are your objectives of learning the language and comes up with a tailored course to ensure you achieve your goals. LearnPlant understands the cultural and social needs to prepare each student with a defined curriculum so that practical speaking or writing skills can be learned much more efficiently.

5. CEFR Training

For European languages, our courses are packaged to achieve CEFR levels faster compared to others in the market. Our teachers are certified to ensure you attain the levels needed for language requirements in Europe.

In conclusion, LearnPlant understands its customer needs and offers the best solutions in terms of learning languages. Start your Free Trial Today and Learn Languages with Style and Sustainability.

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