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August 23, 2023

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6 Common Mistakes People Make While Learning French Online

Oops. I made a mistake!

While this is a general statement of acceptance, we can prevent it when we avoid committing mistakes. For learners, these mistakes can be dangerous. For French learners, it can be more dangerous. Why?
One, you are already learning a foreign language you do not know. Hence, you must learn in the right way. Second, if you learn wrong, there is no one to correct you. As you are either planning or are already taking online French lessons, we would like to show you some common mistakes people commit while learning French.
Without wasting time, let us jump to them.

  • Not using the right French Word

    Well, learning French is difficult; indeed, it is. With learning one thing is true – when you learn right, the journey becomes easier. The same holds for your French learning. With several nasal pronunciations like ‘E’ in Muet and silent letters, learning French is genuinely a difficult task. How do you make it easy?

    Start with using the right words. Many candidates make the mistake of hasting through their learning journey. Without understanding properly, they learn the wrong words and start using those wrong words. Eventually, it becomes a habit – wrong learning, wrong usage. You must avoid this. With the help of online French lessons, you should prompt your faculty for every doubt and ensure that you have the right word for the emotion to be expressed.

  • Trying to translate every English Word into French

    Even though directly translating English to French works many a time, it would often make you sound like clunky French natives. Most often, these translations do not work.

    Let us take an example – The English and French use the verbs ětre (to be) and avoir (to have) similarly in many cases, but they differ in some too. Say, when you describe your age in English, you say I am 30 years old, but in French, you would say “J’ai 30 ans”, whose direct translation is I have 30 years. We hope our point makes sense now.

  • Not Regular with Classes

    Students today are so fortunate to have online classes. However, instead of taking advantage, they often miss these classes. We already stated that learning French is a journey and by missing one class, and by skipping a class, you miss a train to your destination.

    We tell all our students that attending French online classes regularly is the key to becoming a French master.

  • Not immersing themselves in a virtual French Environment

    When you learn French, you not only learn to speak French but you also learn the French culture. It is believed that a language carries a whole of its culture in it. So, to achieve your mastery of French, you must immerse yourself in the French environment.

    A simple trick is reading a French daily. Reading is an important part of learning any language and the same true for French. We are sure you will get to read French newspapers online. Start reading now.

  • Using apps with a limited scope of language

    The internet is full of good and bad information. While the internet helps you enjoy French online lessons, some French learning apps only boast of teaching you French in an inappropriate way. Even though there is nothing wrong with taking help from these apps, the scope of these apps is too limited.

    The kind of knowledge a seasoned French teacher can impart, these online apps cannot. So, avoid being dependent on these apps entirely.

  • Not Practicing Communication with A Personal Tutor

    Last, students do not practice their communication with a personal tutor. Do you know how did you learn your mother tongue? You listened to it for some years and eventually started speaking. Gradually, you imbibed your language. Similarly, with French, you need immense practice. For example, you must never miss an opportunity to speak French with your online tutor. Doing this will not improve your language but also correct your mistakes.

Wrapping up
Knowing the mistakes to avoid in learning French means you won half the battle. As you learnt this, we are sure you will become a master of the French language soon. Pick up your timings and start to learn French online.
Reach out to us to book your next online French Lesson. Our experienced tutors at Learn Plant will teach you French step-by-step and support you throughout this fruitful learning journey.

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